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Life is great!

I am beyond excited to introduce to you someone who is not only my dear dear friend, but this beautiful lady is honestly the most positive, inspiring & genuine human being. I'm sure anyone who knows her, will agree when I say this and I cannot wait to share her very courageous words with you and hope that she inspires you just as much.

Through years of working with Claire in the entertainment industry her positivity always shines through, despite some pretty testing life experiences, her drive and determination amazes me, there isn't anything that will stop this lovely lady from pursuing her dreams.

It's these experiences Claire has kindly offered to put pen to paper in an attempt to convey even a fragment of her experiences, in hope to help others and spread some positivity for all.

Without further ado, it is with absolute pleasure to introduce the beautifully selfless

Claire Hoyle....

We all have tricky times throughout this amazing journey we call Life…it’s what makes this adventure so magical. There are lows - that’s a given - but my goodness there are highs too!

My husband and I recently went through our third cycle of IVF.

We’ve been trying for a family for over 5 years now

The first 2 years were the hardest – that hopeful feeling every single month, the disappointment when you realise it’s not to be yet. Then weirdly things got easier for us!

The fact that we are extremely strong as a couple; Tom is my absolute rock and makes me laugh through everything, he has undoubtedly been our saviour.

I have had alopecia universalis on and off since I was 15, meaning I have very little hair on my head and body. This in turn is a blessing in my line of work as a performer,

I am the envy of the dressing room in my speedy regime of popping a wig on!

The support I’ve constantly received from family and friends is unreal.

"My faith in human beings has always been so present and has never been stronger than right now"

People are amazing.

I’m often told how positive I am about things life throws at me.

Yes, I always try to put a positive spin on situations…

but the reason I can do this is because of the people around me - I’m constantly learning from them, and striving to be the best version of myself.

Part of my job as Company Manager is Welfare within the Entertainment Casts I work with. If people are having a bit of a hard time, I always ask them to think about what will get them excited to get out of bed in the morning.

This could be something extreme

– a change in job or lifestyle –

or - something smaller like booking a holiday, going on a shopping trip or arranging a catch up with friends -

"Life is a gift, and as we are sometimes reminded it’s all too short.

The most exciting thing is that what we decide to do with

our life is in our hands!"

We are in charge - how amazing is that?!"

I know this is easier said than done, and some people need more of a hand finding their “happy”,

but the help and support is out there. We all deserve happiness, and my goodness when we find it it’s the best feeling ever!

Go get yours!

Our final cycle of IVF created a negative result in terms of pregnancy,

but I certainly wouldn’t call it unsuccessful.

It’s lead us to a new journey. Our baby is out there and in need of a home and loving family. When we meet our child through adoption, all we’ve been through will have been SO worth it.

I know now more than ever that things are meant to be.

"It’ll all work out in the end, and if it hasn’t worked out it’s not the end yet!"

Life is great!

To be continued...