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I listened to my Soul and she led me here

Scrolling along aimlessly on Instagram, as I often do! I stumble across the most inspiring post giving me all the feels, filled with such life affirming guidance, something I feel like I've personally needed in a long time. This post, from a beautiful soul who I first met at the beginning of this journey almost a year ago, confirmed to me this is someone I need in my life right now. In creating her dream life for herself, somehow she has an amazing ability to project her energy in a way that becomes contagious for those following.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you, the wise and fulfilling words of

Miss Emilia Francesca



Around April last year I was sat in a café in Soho, London getting to know a new friend. “Do you think you’ll always live in London?” she asked. What came next was a response that I had never expected. I heard myself answer. And then suddenly stopped and laughed.

Because the response I had given was “No, I’m moving to New Zealand this year”.

But the funny thing was I hadn’t known that, until this precise moment.

My soul knew before I did!

As soon as the words had been spoken out loud, it led into a spiral of not just being some crazy idea,

but something that I had to make happen. Let me be clear that travel and living abroad is not alien to me, in fact throughout my teens and 20’s I’d spent years living in Europe and Australia, but there was something different about this decision, about this plan.

For the first time it was as if I wasn’t seeking moving away as a form of escapism and instead it was part of my souls calling.

For most people logically it made little sense, I had a great flat in a sought after part of the city, I was building a name for myself as a Life Coach in London and getting booked out for workshops and private clients. I had amazing friends here and all my family based in the country. I knew very little about New Zealand, hell I didn’t even know which city to fly in to!

But it was unprecedented in me that I had to go.

The months that followed, as I awaited my visa to come through and packed my life into a 20kg suitcase found me having the same conversation over and over. “Why are you moving to New Zealand?” people would ask, and I’d always answer honestly.

“I’m not really sure, but my soul, my gut is telling me I have to go.”

From the moment I landed in Auckland, the universe had my back; having booked an Air bnb in a small beach town on a whim, I arrived and knew I wanted this sleepy town to be home. Within 18 hours of landing I had found a house to move into, 5 minutes walk from the beach. Within a week I had met incredible humans who I would say are now be friends for life.

The stillness, the space, the nature, the tranquillity of life here was exactly what my soul had been calling for.

As a Life coach, not only is it vital that my clients are placing their own self-care and well being top of the priority list, but in order for me to show up as a truly impactful coach & guide I must do that too. In all honestly, I didn’t realise how much I was struggling with it

until the move.

My logic brain told me:

‘running a business will be harder out there’

‘I’m throwing away opportunities here’

‘I’ll be isolated and unmotivated’

“I don’t know a single person in that country’

My soul told me “go”

New Zealand forced me to be still. Coffee shops close at 2pm. Places shut on the weekend. You can go to a beach or park and be the only person as far as the eye can see. Once I stopped ‘doing’ and starting ‘being’. Once I actually stepped away from the need to always be in action and instead became peaceful in working less, and living more. Guess what happened?

My life, as a whole - completely transformed; I’ve tripled my clients, I’m selling out my coaching programs and booking up months in advance. I’m a better coach, I’m more efficient in my biz; in fact most days I’m working 3-4 hours max.

I’m physically, mentally and emotionally the healthiest I have been, I honour creating time for my self-development, my health and my community. I’ve healed parts of my being that I didn’t even know were wounded and I listen to my gut instincts

on every single decision I make.

I listened to my soul.

And she led me here.

What whispers from your soul is it time for you to listen to?

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