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3 ways to live more Joyfully

Back in the spring of 2018 I launched Horseshoe Bay as an idea on social media, this idea created such a magical method to link with like-minded souls and an amazingly wholesome support network. I feel so privileged to have crossed paths and to have found such wonderful people who I now class as genuinely good friends.

One of which, I'm so incredibly chuffed to introduce to my guest blog. Let me introduce to you, one of the kindest people I know, such a gentle, calm & caring lady, who's wise words inspire me regularly. Bringing absolute joy to me and I'm sure she will you too!

I welcome to the blog, with open arms ~ Jamillah Yoozooph

Wellness Coach, who is passionate about mental health, as well as joyful and intentional living. Even though Jamillah has 5 children, she identifies as a Highly Sensitive person and an introvert who needs time alone everyday, preferably in the bath with a book

and a fancy tea to keep vaguely sane.

Please do read on for a moment's joy!

Grab a cuppa, snuggle up amongst the festivities and most of all...


3 ways to live more Joyfully

When we think of feeling happy, sad, angry or embarrassed, we can all think of situations which make us feel like that and as we think of each one, we might even get a small spark of that emotion come through our bodies.

What about joy though?

Joy can seem hard to define, pinning it down exactly is a little like trying to catch the breeze in your hand,

but it’s worth searching for and filling our lives with.

So how do we find it and how can we invite in a little or a lot more of it?

Joy can seem like a rare occurrence because sometimes we sleep walk through parts of our life, or rush through without truly taking the time to bear witness to all that is happening around us. When we feel joy, we experience a sensation of pleasure from a person, thing or moment in time. We actively respond to the source of this pleasure in a positive way, it makes us feel thankful and blessed.

When we feel joy it can be fleeting or long-lasting and it can appear as elation or a with a gentle calm. The important thing is that we recognise what makes us feel this way, and then find ways to get connected to what we love.

Joy is like emotional alignment between our self and the world.

Here are 3 paths that lead to having more joy in life...

Self awareness

Get to know thyself!

Turning inwards, to observe our thoughts and feelings gives us insight into our desires.

How we want to be treated, what we want our lives to look like, this in turn allows us to take actions that create a more intentional life.

Self-awareness can be built up by spending time alone to reflect on your likes and dislikes,

just through being still and seeing what comes up.

Daily journaling can allow you to record events and how you feel about them or give you a place to write down your dream life.

Reviewing the patterns that we record can be a useful decision making tool, for this leads to a more joyful future self.

Gratitude Practice

Gratitude is a searchlight for joy in your life.

Sometimes we feel that nothing is going well for us or that life isn’t very exceptional at all.

By committing to a daily gratitude practice we can begin to look for the things in our life that we are glad of.

It can be as simple as the changing colour of the leaves in the Autumn,

the warmth of a hot drink in your hands on a cold day, or a smile from a stranger.

Documenting what we are grateful for causes things that we might have not noticed before to suddenly come to life as joy givers.

Make space and choose it

It’s easy to feel as if your life is one big obligation to other peoples needs and wants.

We over commit to things that keep us constantly busy and unable to do the things that we really love or dream about.

We can often be the ones standing in our own way.

Making space in our lives can look like de-cluttering our physical space.

When we spend less time maintaining our things, we can use that time to focus on what lights us up. Schedules can also be de-cluttered by choosing to cancel or say no to doing the things that don’t serve us best.

Joy isn’t about good vibes only.

This feeling is about a life well lived, not one where things go right all the time, but where you are in the driving seat and responding as a leader in your own life and not a victim or passenger.

If you want more joy,

then it’s there already,

the rest is up to


To hear more from Jamillah please follow her wonderful journey here:


Instagram: @readysteadyjoy