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Everything you need, you already have

I am absolutely privileged to introduce to you such a beautiful soul, yoga teacher & life coach. Someone who has inspired me well over a year now, someone I know you are going to love too!

The wonderful, Miss Sabi Kerr.

It's in Sabi's passion to support you to connect with the very best version of yourself, to step into the power & to create a life you love.

Please read on to hear Sabi's beautiful words of encouragement & empowerment!


Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our big goals, in growth, in life transformations, that we forget this.

We forget that when we are in the midst of developing ourselves, we don’t need to completely change ourselves,

to go searching for more, or adding new things into our lives.

Everything we need, we already have

If we understand this, we see that it’s more of a stripping back, an uncovering.

A remembering of who we were before society conditioned us into the roles we’re playing.

I’m Sabi, a yoga teacher and a life coach (just some of my ‘roles’!), and I’m passionate about helping women to step into their power, to know themselves more deeply so that they can feel empowered to live any life they choose. And just as much as I want to help other women do this, I’ve made a lifetime commitment to myself do this. Daily. To question who I am and how I’m being in the world. To notice when I’m feeling out of alignment and not quite myself. To embrace the lows as well as the highs, as they’re all just part of the natural ebb and flow of life and are here to teach us.

The first step to any empowered life is the ability to love yourself just as you are, with full understanding that you already have everything you need to live the life of your dreams. It just may be hidden or covered up under the roles you’ve been playing for so long. Your job, your relationship status, where you’re from, even your name… these don’t reveal the true depths of who we are. And yet, we’re so attached to these roles and we hide behind them for most of our lives.

What if we came out from behind this mask?

This cover that’s been falsely protecting ourselves for so long?

Protecting us from… revealing who we really are.

It’s scary to be vulnerable enough to reveal our true selves, as there’s always fear that if people see the real you, they won’t like it. When we’re playing our roles we feel less exposed, and without them we feel bare, naked. Stripping down to our true essence can be terrifying.

But having the courage to be who you really are is the key ingredient to liberation. To true freedom. When we feel that something’s missing in our lives, it’s often not so much that there’s something missing, but that we just haven’t yet connected back to our authentic, true, undiluted essence.

The place where we understand that we already are everything we’ll ever need.

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