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Welcome, with open arms!

Hi there!

So this is the first EVER blog post to sit nonchalantly on this part of the website! I thought I should officially introduce myself,

it's only fair being as you have given your own time to read this!

I'm Tammy ~ Founder of Horseshoe Bay Wellbeing, lover of all things happy, healthy & positive....with a dash of mother nature loving, some heart warming hygge (pronounced Hu-gah...google it, it's a thing!) and some creativity in the mix,

really does make for a very content girl over here!

As we all know, life isn't always as rose tinted as we imagine and I have actually set up Horseshoe Bay after a less fortunate experience. Having sadly lost my lovely Mum to cancer in 2017 I think it's safe to say, as a family we have been through the mill so to speak, but more importantly my dear Mum took this disease and all the stresses, strains, pain & heartache full throttle. Honestly, the pain I saw my Mum endure will never leave me and to be quite frank life for my Mum was quite literally no life at all, at the worst times.

After years of research & focus on wellbeing I knew I had to use this knowledge and drive in some way and what better way than to set something up in loving memory of my dear Mum. This is when the idea of Horseshoe Bay began.

By no means am I even suggesting that by creating this brand I am taking away any of the grief, because believe me~grieving is a process that takes time and anyone who knew my Mum has been left heavy-hearted. I have however, found that over time talking about these things out loud somehow gives me a focus and determination to carry on. More so, helping others seems to fill my heart up to the brim and if my experiences can even strike a chord or my voice can make a difference of any kind (even to one person), then there's a sure sign that I'm on the right path. I understand this journey we call 'life' can be a pretty bumpy ride, each one of us in the world encountering completely different experiences. Though they may be different, we are all on this journey called 'life' together and it's surprising how much of a difference moral support and a little kindness to yourself can make.

So, not only have I released to the world these all-natural products, they also have huge benefits for the mind, body & soul (Feel free to check out all the goodness outlined in the 'Pink Stuff' tab on the website) Each product has been developed with you in mind, to create that much needed 'moment's escape' from everyday life. It really can get hectic and tough at times can't it? So I wanted to encompass that moment of zen, whilst consciously adding beneficial ingredients for you too.

Every month I have decided to dedicate to this blog, in hope that it will create support and a good read for you to clock off and to check in with yourself. I have collated a whole bunch of beautiful people, who are poised and ready to share their wise words.

Each and every one of them hold incredibly inspiring stories and guidance.

Individually they bring so much to my life, which I would like to share with you.

They will be bringing to the table different experiences, backgrounds and advice,

each one of them hand picked to write from the heart for you to hear.

Thank you so much for reading, we look forward to seeing you again next month.

Kindest & Healthiest Wishes to You