This wonderful bundle of quality Palo Santo has been lovingly handmade, complete with 2x smudging wands & empowering Blue Chalcedony to bring strength into your world.  Supporting the throat chakra to raise your inner strength in aid of speaking your thoughts, whilst creating calming & centring support.  


Whether you're feeling low, stressed, angry or resentful this powerful healing wood, when burnt, fills the air with a sense of calm, love, healing & intuition.  A tradition that has been used for thousands of years by Native American's, in Ancient Rome, Greece & Egypt in a ritual to cleanse a space from bad spirits & negative energy.  


Light one end of a single Palo Santo for a few seconds, extinguish & watch the smoke billow from the wand & appreciate the beautiful unique scent likened to the brightness of citrus & the ancient notes of Frankincense or even Neroli.  Smudge the air by walking around your home, space or across your own body to cleanse the air and rid yourself from negative energies.  You can use any heat proof bowl/tray of your choice to collect any ashes & allow smoke to billow from the wand.  Place your crystal next to your wand to amplify it's healing energy.  Unlike conventional incense which burns out completely after lighting, Palo Santo healing wood may be re-lit many times.  

Palo Santo wood comes from naturally fallen wild trees & branches that lie dead for years before they are harvested. This ensures a very high quality product that is constantly surrounded by love & respect.  The smoke that emits the wands is not harmful but do take care when lighting.   


{Palo Santo Holder sold separately ~ Candle & Bowl NOT included}  

Strength ~ Palo Santo Smudging Wands

  • ~ Energy Cleansing

    ~ Enhances Clarity & Concentration

    ~ Reduces Stress / Anxieties

    ~ Creates a sense of Calm

    ~ Promotes Peaceful Sleep

    ~ An aid to a deeper connection to the divine source

    ~ Promotes Positivity

    ~ Welcomes Creativity

    ~ Promotes Physical Healing such as Colds, Flu, Headaches & Lung complaints i.e. Asthma & Bronchitis 

    ~ Effectively cleansing & activating new crystals specifically for you & Crystal maintenance in general  

    ~ Inspires Creativity

    ~ Welcomes Good Fortune

    ~ Moon Cycle Cleansing

    ~ Eliminates unwanted gnat's/mosquito's in a natural & non harmful way

    ~ Extremely powerful during Meditation, Yoga & Reiki

    ~ The perfect companion in your new home