For years I would endlessly lather my body with lotions and potions that were artificial

and eventually damaging my skin and body.

I was desperate to find a natural alternative for most of my products.

I spent years researching the effects of artificial nasties not only going into the body

but also what we put on to our skin.

It all came about when my Mum was diagnosed with Cancer in 2015, I started a quest to find natural alternatives for pretty much everything we use on a day to day basis

& how products can affect our bodies.

More than anything, I wanted to cure my Mum of this horrendous disease and wanted to do everything in my power to research everything possible, even if I did drive her nuts!

Whilst learning the importance of natural sources reaching inside the body & out ~ I was made aware that anything we apply to our skin is absorbed into the body

will reach the bloodstream & subsequently the liver within a matter of seconds.

So I knew something had to change!

With sheer determination the journey continued...

but despite the efforts all round & her extraordinary strength throughout her 2 year battle,

we sadly lost my dear Mum early 2017, leaving us entirely heavy-hearted.

Therefore, I have made it my mission & I feel my duty, to bring Horseshoe Bay into the world

in loving memory of my lovely Mum.

To promote the benefits of natural health, self care & well-being. Encourage the importance of truly nourishing the body whilst allowing a moment's escape from everyday life.

Horseshoe Bay have partnered with cancer charity 'Gold Geese',

with each purchase of our new Pink Himalayan Salt Scrubs a donation will go towards this incredible charity who work tirelessly to provide love & care for those affected by childhood cancer.

Not only is there a clear link as to why I chose a cancer charity, I also know wholeheartedly

that my Mum would want nothing less than to help children who are in need,

given her truly amazing love & care for children throughout her life. I can vouch for that ~ as can my entire family!

We hope you join us on our quest for a healthy, happy & positive future bringing well-being to all

& hopefully a little support to those who could really use it.



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